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Welcome to the Australian Trans Am Series enthusiasts.

I’m a naturopath, and it’s my pleasure to offer you my natural formulations Dynamised Pez-Rez Resveratrol for energy, and well-being and OLE-Up Immune and Stress Support. More info hereSign up here to get my free monthly newsletter.  Watch Lani and her daughter Sienna in the Newstalk Zb Studio.

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NZs' favourite Naturopath Lani Lopez Adv. Dip Nat, BHSc. Complementary Medicine, Charles Sturt University.

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You will be very pleased to know that I am converting my Icehouse colleagues onto OLE-Up. 3 of them arrived sniffling and sneezing and I immediately pointed out that if they took OLE-Up they would be healthy like me. Have a great week.

Liz Wotherspoon, Icehouse, Director Growth & Coach