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MAY 2019

Why Coenzyme Q10 differs from herbal extract resveratrol when it comes to heart health.

Did you know within our body, inside a single cell there can be 5000 mitochondria? These battery packs create energy so our body can function well.  Our muscles, liver and heart appear to be the most abundant in mitochondria because they do the most work, requiring the most energy to function.
As we get older or have some illnesses the mitochondria don't function as well or replenish themselves. 
That is where resveratrol may come in.

In 1994 Dr David Sinclair, a Harvard medical scientist discovered resveratrol, a natural plant compound found in small amounts in red wine, chocolate, some berries and in large quantities, a vine-like plant called Japanese Knotweed.
In large amounts resveratrol had the ability to create new mitochondria (mitochondrial genesis), support heart, liver, cholesterol health and energy. Today in 2019 scientists are trying to replicate resveratrol in chemical pharmaceutical form because of its exciting potential benefits in the field of health, epigenetics and longevity.

Resveratrol differs from Coenzyme Q10 because we consider CoQ10 to be a nutrient and part of the krebs cycle. This cycle takes place in the mitochondria and much like a motor the krebs cycle needs to go through certain sequences to fire up and produce energy for the cells in our body to function. CoQ10 is naturally found in meat, spinach, cauliflower, and broccoli, strawberries,oranges, legumes nuts and seeds. If we become deficient in CoQ10 it may lead to high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Some medicines to control these conditions lead to CoQ10 deficiency so it's important to eat these nutrients to have your daily intake of CoQ10. Compared to resveratrol that supports the genesis, the creation of new mitochondria, CoQ10 is a nutrient much like fuel to fire up the motor within the battery pack-like mitochondria. 


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I have now taken Pez-Rez for approximately 6 months. I have noticed dramatic support...Read more
I have now taken Pez-Rez for approximately 6 months. I have noticed dramatic support to my mental and physical well-being and from a mental stamina perspective. I am balanced in my decisions and feel mentally alert. Thanks Lani, the natural way is the only way to go.
Sally Connell, Mother and Businesswoman