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. NZs' favourite Naturopath Lani Lopez Adv. Dip Nat, BHSc. Complementary Medicine, Charles Sturt University.

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BREAKING NEWS    We've sold out of Pez-Rez. 

The original formula Pez-Rez is being phased out in the 90 capsule size. To replace it you now have  the upgraded formula, Pez-Rez BOOST. Today I give you the updated version of Pez-Rez and it's called Pez-Rez BOOST.       
Buy 2 bottles of Pez-Rez BOOST, 180 capsules  (90 per bottle), For the same price as the original formula for a limited time.

Pez-Rez BOOST Benefits; Pez-Rez BOOST: Advanced formula; updated, upgraded.

  • Piperine is the new additional ingredient. A pepper extract that has been studied for years because it has the ability to benefit bioavailability of Resveratrol, Green Tea, Turmeric, Hawthorn Antioxidant and many other nutrients.
  • You get a formula that works better so you can take less. If you normally take 3 capsules for a boost, you can scale down to 2 capsules daily.
  • Nervous about black pepper extract? Americans have way more black pepper daily in their diet than what's in our capsules. Only 14mg.
Still love the original Pez-Rez formula?  We have created a new smaller sized bottle of Pez-Rez 30 capsules. Over the years many have told me they want Pez-Rez but don't want to spend too much in one go. 

If you  want to stay with the old formula (without piperine) you will be able to buy 30 capsules one bottle at a time for RRP $29.95. (all discounts excluded). Happy to hear your feedback. Call Lani on 09 3788334

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