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It’s my pleasure to offer you my NZ Naturopathic formulation Dynamised Pez-Rez Resveratrol for energy, and well-being and OLE-Up Immune and Stress Support. More info here. Sign up here to get my free newsletter.

We've had a hot Autumn so far. Typically we get the usual colds and flu's but this season has seen an increase in low immunity, coupled with ills and chills to start this normally picturesque season. Be really mindful of your health to the start of Autumn. Eat healthy, sleep well and get out and exercise in fresh air if possible. You might want to think about stocking up your cupboards with immune boosting and anti-inflammatory foods. These are guaranteed to help keep you well. 
Supercharge Yourself by Lani Lopez

I've always thought that inflammation plays such a part in our well-being and now we're discovering that it has an impact on joint health, weight gain, clogged arteries, cholesterol. Now even depression and sleep loss. 
Steamed oily fish, fresh green leafies and loads of vegetables coupled with ample berries and nuts in your diet with your Pez-Rez and OLE-Up can help give you the edge to stay well. 
BREAKING NEWS: Our new batch of OLE-Up made in New Zealand has arrived. To get it to you pronto the bottle, cap and clear capsule are different but will change back to original colour capsule, olive green. Keep listening to COAST for my naturopath tips to last a day longer or visit Coast.net.nz. Go well Lani x

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...if they took OLE-Up they would be healthy like me...Read more
You will be very pleased to know that I am converting my Icehouse colleagues onto OLE-Up. 3 of them arrived sniffling and sneezing and I immediately pointed out that if they took OLE-Up they would be healthy like me. Have a great week.

Liz Wotherspoon, Icehouse, Director Growth & Coach