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My first experience with Lani's olive leaf extract was after a prolonged...Read more

My first experience with Lani's olive leaf extract was after a prolonged bacterial gastric incident (food poisoning) that did not show any bugs but kept flaring up and I was constantly low on energy and losing weight. I took a 10 day high dosage course. My immunity was supported so well after the course the symptoms never returned.

My next major use of the OLE was after contracting a viral bug while on holiday in the USA. I had a constant high fever and after 3 weeks was at my wits' end. I was hospitalized after returning to NZ with the fever and being very dehydrated. After spending 4 days in hospital and having every test known to man I was discharged with a month's supply of paracetamol and told that if the fever was still there after finishing them to see my doctor. After all the tests they believed I had CMV (Cytomeglovirus) which in adults presents as a high and prolonged fever. I remembered OLE and immediately went on a course. Again after 5 days I was on the road to recovery. Magic.

I have on several occasions recommended the OLE product to friends with positive results every time.

David Buchanan, Auckland, MD Hemisphere Freight