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Pez-Rez Boost - Supports Heart - Digestion - Joints & Muscles - Circulation - Eyesight - Better Absorption

180 caps up to 6 months worth


OLE-Up - Support the body’s natural stress action and provide ongoing immune support.

180 caps up to 6 months worth


 Rezenergy - Adrenal exhaustion. Support physical and mental stamina, adrenals and beat mental fatigue.

180 caps up to 6 months worth


Pez-Rez - Supports heart, cholesterol digestion supports antioxidant protection. Original formula

30 caps up to 1 months worth $34.95

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Pez-Rez Boost

Supports Heart – Digestion – Joints & Muscles – Circulation – Eyesight 

Cellular energy from dynamised resveratrol with piperine for absorption, turmeric, hawthorn and green tea.


Adrenal Fatigue Boost mental stamina beat mental fatigue throughout your day. For students, parents, executives, artists, farmers, pilots, car racers: anyone who needs brain clarity or energy. Rezenergy supports healthy blood flow and blood vessel strength.


Stress decreases the natural immune response. Ole-Up contains olive leaf extract and schisandra to support the body’s natural stress action and provide ongoing immune support all year around.

Pez-Rez 30s

For fundamental good health, everyday energy and antioxidant protection. Our resveratrol is sourced from Japanese knotweed, one of the richest natural sources available. Defeat fatigue and be proactive against aging and stress.


“When our lives and heart are attuned to good things, life is clear, the spirit flows freely. Everything is possible.”

Dr Maharaia Winiata

What is is a New Zealand owned company sourcing the best ingredients, using qualified Naturopathic knowledge and the latest research to make the best health supplements, services and lifestyle products for well-being and your needs.  You can buy trustworthy supplements and products online, here.

Founded in 2011 solely by Lani Lopez New Zealand’s most favourite Naturopath and researcher for 30 years. Since 2011, we’ve had close to 40,000 orders.  We combine science and nature to help you heal through holistic medicine, lifestyle and nutrition. 

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Good health should be both accessible and sustainable. Enjoy our health and nutrition tips based on good science.

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Healthy Ideas

As naturopaths we use holistic medicine and therapies, including herbal remedies, nutritional supplements and advice. We hope you find some of the articles below helpful on your path to natural good health and wellness.

Say no to seed oil

Say no to seed oil

Say no to seed oils
Highly-processed oils made from soy, sunflower and canola are so cheap and have made them a staple in the kitchen. Used for frying foods until they’re deliciously crispy, caramalised or as an alternative to butter, seed oils have never been so popular. But are they evil?

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The New Summer Hummus

The New Summer Hummus

The New Hummus Dip

Sick of chickpeas but love low fat healthy dips? Borlotti beans are creamy without the high fat.
These big fat creamy brown-reddish beans also called cranberry beans can be an inexpensive way to make your own delicious dip using a blender.

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Covid lockdowns

Hi, it’s Lani. With us Kiwis now at Alert Level 3 or lucky level 2, we hope you’re taking care and staying safe in your bubble at home and bless all you essential workers for keeping us safe. We’re...

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