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Lanilopez.com is the home of New Zealand's favourite naturopath Lani Lopez. Introducing the team:

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Lani Lopez

Adv. Dip Nat, BHSc.

Hello! Thank you for visiting lanilopez.com.

I’m a naturopath who’s passionate about natural health and attaining the vital life force that underpins a life well lived. 

I have been involved in the natural health industry for nearly 30years and I love what I do. In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s always been my calling. I’ve always known holistic wellness was always going to be my vocation. You could say it’s in my genes. 

Growing up I was surrounded by spirituality and herbal medicine. On my mother's side, my great grandfather was chief and tohunga and my whanau links to Roangoa Maori, NZ herbs, which I take a keen interest in. My mothers Chinese father, my grandfather mixed herbs. As a young child I used to watch transfixed as he mixed poultices for his aches and bruises. 

My mother is a qualified counselor and worked for Lifeline. My father also had a natural herbal shop where  in my teens and early twenties I mixed herbal formulas for his customers. 


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Jenna Moore

Beauty & Wellness Editor, Author and Founder of Gemsofgorgeousness.com

Growing up I had a passion for all things beauty. If there was a book available on skincare, hairstyles or makeup you’d find me devouring it. On the other hand, I spent a great deal of time in hospitals as my sister had Cystic Fibrosis disease. I think it was this combination that led to my all-consuming interest in beauty and wellbeing.

My twenties saw me heading to Sydney to study all things beauty and I worked hands on for several years. I returned to New Zealand for a time to study computing and accounting before heading to the UK. After ‘falling’ into magazines on a trip home I began a publishing career, which enabled me to explore, and expand my knowledge of, all of my interests including beauty, holistic wellness and people.

When it comes to wellness, most people have a story to tell whether that be specific health conditions or a skin problem. Most things to do with physiology relate back to wellness.

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 Lani Browne 

Lani Browne has a Diploma in professional counselling, majoring in relationships and conflict resolution.  

'Lani B', has recently  arrived back from the UK and has a passion for volunteer work in NZ and the UK.

Lani worked full-time team member in Thames Mental Health residential unit, and worked as the medico-legal secretary in various hospitals in London.

If you can see the resemblance in name and appearance you may have already surmised she is Lani's mother.

' We've got such a great relationship, I love working as a team with mum. Of course she has a lot more experiencein a lot of matters I don't, even though she calls me the expert. It's fantastic to have her back. ' Lani Lopez


Known as the 'good guy', you may have spoken to Jazz if you wanted to ask any questions about your parcels where-abouts. 

He's known for going above his duty, is really committed to giving you great dispatch service. 

He's also a perfectionist, so we have to keep everything spick and span, even our own desks. 

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I have now taken Pez-Rez for approximately 6 months. I have noticed dramatic support...Read more
I have now taken Pez-Rez for approximately 6 months. I have noticed dramatic support to my mental and physical well-being and from a mental stamina perspective. I am balanced in my decisions and feel mentally alert. Thanks Lani, the natural way is the only way to go.
Sally Connell, Mother and Businesswoman