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From NZs' favourite Naturopath Lani Lopez Adv. Dip Nat, BHSc.
Complementary Medicine, Charles Sturt University.

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APRIL 2019

It was April 11, 2019 when I first launched Lanilopez.com. 8 years ago. A lot has changed in that time.

Getting a handle on social media, Twitter, Instagram and facebook has been an interesting challenge. 

I've made new friends all over the world and reconnected with a ton of good ol' friends. I've seen the rise in interest of natural health and been able to gain free access to a ton a research that 'spark's joy', for me. 

So I make sure I keep up with the latest research and findings for you when it comes to my products.

There's something inherently good about New Zealand. We take our time to give, to learn and share what we can for each other.

There's only one place I want to live and it's right here, home in New Zealand. 

To take out the confusion and melee of advertising of health products you know Lanilopez.com is a company you can trust, get hold of when you need to and talk to the me directly about your needs when it comes to health.

Keeping up-to-date also means change. We've been working hard to change into the new formats of our website.

Yes, we're giving you a new website.

We've been filming behind the scenes, gathering new testimonials from our customers to give you a great website experience. We'll keep you posted right here. If you need to change your details email me and let me know. admin@lanilopez.com


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My first experience with Lani's olive leaf extract was after a prolonged...Read more

My first experience with Lani's olive leaf extract was after a prolonged bacterial gastric incident (food poisoning) that did not show any bugs but kept flaring up and I was constantly low on energy and losing weight. I took a 10 day high dosage course. My immunity was supported so well after the course the symptoms never returned.

My next major use of the OLE was after contracting a viral bug while on holiday in the USA. I had a constant high fever and after 3 weeks was at my wits' end. I was hospitalized after returning to NZ with the fever and being very dehydrated. After spending 4 days in hospital and having every test known to man I was discharged with a month's supply of paracetamol and told that if the fever was still there after finishing them to see my doctor. After all the tests they believed I had CMV (Cytomeglovirus) which in adults presents as a high and prolonged fever. I remembered OLE and immediately went on a course. Again after 5 days I was on the road to recovery. Magic.

I have on several occasions recommended the OLE product to friends with positive results every time.

David Buchanan, Auckland, MD Hemisphere Freight