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From NZs' favourite Naturopath Lani Lopez Adv. Dip Nat, BHSc.
Complementary Medicine, Charles Sturt University.


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Welcome back 

If you had a staycation or went away for your holiday I hope you had a great time and feel well rested.
Now it's time to get your life back into the routine of eating well, good sleeping habits, exercise and preparing your health for a good start to the year. So to help you on your magnificent health chapter for 2019 we've got a special deal for you.

Buy 2 Pez-Rez Boost bottles and 2 Ole-Up bottles and automatically receive 1 Rezenergy for free.

Rezenergy is perfect to get 'at' the biological response to stress. That adrenaline rush you feel when there is a sense of urgency and you need to jump into action. There are times you can freeze during stressful times if you feel too overwhelmed or you may feel like running away.

Rezenergy is designed to aid your body's ability to function from this stress reponse. Heart issues, sleep problems, pain in the body, depression, motivation issues or lack of energy can all come from the normal response to stress among other factors.

Korean and Siberian Ginseng, rhodiola, Cordyceps are herbs within Rezenergy that support these unwanted effects that stress places on us. PInebark is a strong antioxidant to help tone the body, heal and support circulation.

One world wide study on diseases showed that there where 9 factors that helped overcome stress.

The right herbs and supplements, a radical change to  healthy diet, increasing positive emotions, letting go of suppressed emotions, taking control of your health, following your intuition, a good supportive network, deepening your spiritual connection and have a strong reason for living.

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You will be very pleased to know that I am converting my Icehouse colleagues onto OLE-Up. 3 of them arrived sniffling and sneezing and I immediately pointed out that if they took OLE-Up they would be healthy like me. Have a great week.

Liz Wotherspoon, Icehouse, Director Growth & Coach