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Sometimes life seems is easy and other times it’s just hard. How can we get in the zone and make life smooth? Yoga exercise is good for you and can keep you in the flow.

Revered Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, “If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.”But what if we could correct our mind by engaging our body first? It’s not always easy to be in a state of flow. The flow is also known as ‘being in the zone’. When you feel fully engaged, energised and focused with a feeling of joy at the task at hand.Yoga is known to reduce anxiety, increase body balance and flexibility. But scientists have been looking at how yoga does this, or more importantly promotes the flow. By looking at Yoga and improvements in mental and physical states such depression, epilepsy, PTSD, diabetes and pain reduction, scientists finally think they’ve come across the hidden secret. How yoga may have a calming affect on the body and mind. 

A group of researchers at Boston University School of Medicine headed by Chris Streeter, PhD are looking into how yoga works on the Vagus nerve in our nervous system. A what nerve? Did you know that besides toning up our pelvic floor muscles, (guys need to do this too) yoga may also tone our Vagus nerve? It’s the largest cranial nerve in our body that starts at the base of the skull. This nerve meanders from the mouth through the torso producing anti-stress hormones and calming our nervous system down. It influences our gut instincts, hearts emotions and relaxation response. 

Studies also show that Yoga breathing, chanting Om out loud and even splashing water on your face increases Vagal tone and even strengthens our heart resilience. If you have high blood pressure, stress, high cholesterol, skin stress disorders or trying relationships you’ll be mad not to try it, literally.