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Health Supplements

Hi, it’s Lani. With us Kiwis now at Alert Level 3 or lucky level 2, we hope you’re taking care and staying safe in your bubble at home and bless all you essential workers for keeping us safe.

We’re following all public health measures to keep our customers, team, and community safe.

Covid Level 3 safety measures: That includes identifying and assessing the infection hazards at the workplace and implementing specific controls can help eliminate or minimise the risk of transmission.

These include mask wearing, physical distancing, regular handwashing with soap and the use of hand-sanitiser. Appropriate routine environmental cleaning and disinfection occurring regularly at all workstations. Identifying any contact risks and testing if needed on an ongoing basis.

Delivery: Our products are available, but please be aware that due to our increased safety measures there may be a delay in receiving your favourite products.
We are sorry for any inconveniences and appreciate your support and understanding.
These delay’s from Auckland to Auckland or Auckland to the rest of New Zealand have been increasing as courier staff deal with larger delivery amounts with less staff and stringent covid rules. Please bear with us as you may have to change your expectations as deliveries are given a longer waiting time, especially as couriers may just deliver through working days without the added cost.  

Call us if we can be of assistance in any way 0800 114 115 and add security measures to your parcel with good instructions of where you want your parcel left to avoid sticky fingers of opportunists.

We’ve been able to personally redeliver parcels that can’t be found. 
That’s the silver lining, as we get to meet each other through the covid mask. Many of you are such wonderful customers it’s a real treat to talk directly with you. 

Money back guarantee. 
we’ve always had the policy and will continue to provide a full refund or alternatively  won’t be left out of pocket. if your parcel doesn’t arrive we promise to send it out ASAP and will work with you through that. 
We’ll ensure to continue to bring you the best service we can even with the challenge we all face with extra covid issues we face. 

Looking for ways to naturally support your immune health?

Choose Ole-Up It should be the first thing on your list to support your immunity along with a good healthy diet, safe exercise during covid times and good sleep. Try Into sleep- a 9 minute relaxation sleep guide tour to help you sleep. It’ll get you snoring and snuzzling in no-time.

Pez-Rez Boost to support heart health as you take it daily and especially over the long haul. 

Rezenergy does include pine bark extract and Korean ginseng and Siberian ginseng that are noted for their long haul supportive effects. 

I do have a lot of herbal tonics available that aren’t on the website yet but are perfect if you don’t feel 100% with the ills and chills.

If you have any questions during this time, and as always call me direct on 0800 114 115. You get to talk to the formulator and owner of this proud Kiwi business.

Stay safe & go well

Lani x

0800 114 115