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Toll Free Phone: 0800 114 115 (Monday to Friday NZ time 9am-5pm. Our offices are closed on public holidays however you can still order online 24 hours, 7 days a week.
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Head Office (during office hours): (64) 9 378 8334 

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Account: 02-0108-0173165-000
Every order generates a reference code. Remember to enter your order’s reference code or your name when making internet banking payments.

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PO Box 147428
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New Zealand

Health Supplements

Enjoy fundamentally good health and everyday energy with Lani’s naturopathic health supplements.

For energy, heart, brain, joint, prostate, breast and digestive health.

Why wait until you are sick, if you can prevent or allay age related diseases and create better health for yourself in the present and future? We use vitamins, minerals, and other food factors to support good health, treat nutritional deficiencies and health concerns.

Lani Lopez is a proud Auckland naturopath and researcher who’s passionate about natural health and attaining the vital life force that underpins a life well lived. 

How to save and get what you want

Redeem Codes

Our redeem codes will not automatically give you a rebate. This will be due to stock availability and demand. 

Use a coupon code to get $5.00 off automatically when you order Lani’s naturopathic health supplements online, as opposed to ordering through our 0800 number. We pass the savings on to you.

If you have a senior Goldcard let us know, we will send you an additional coupon code to save $10.00 more. Terms and conditions apply.

But if you still want to ring the toll-free number and talk to a Kiwi, ring Toll Free Phone: 0800 114 115 (24hrs / 7 days)

Buying Naturopathic Health Supplements Online 

Note: We will confirm your order and when your health supplements are shipped with the email This is an automatic confirmation email only. It does not accept returned or sent emails. Use instead please.

Internet Banking

Account: 02-0108-0173165-000
Every order generates a reference code. Remember to enter your order’s reference code when making internet banking payments.

Lani Lopez is proudly owned and operated by New Zealand company ‘Healthy Insight Limited’, Ground Floor, 3 Owens Rd, Epsom (Post no mail here. Please use PO Box only.)

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100% Money back guarantee

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Owned, researched & formulated in NZ

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Lani Lopez: author, registered naturopath and health professional for over 30 years

Holistic Health Specialist

Products batch tested in New Zealand labs

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As heard on Newstalk ZB, Magic, Coast and The Cafe TV3

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