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What is is a New Zealand owned company sourcing the best ingredients, using qualified Naturopathic knowledge and the latest research to make the best health supplements, services and lifestyle products for well-being and your needs.  You can buy trustworthy supplements and products online, here.

Founded in 2011 solely by Lani Lopez New Zealand’s most favourite Naturopath and researcher for 30 years. We combine qualified naturopath researched science and nature to help you heal through holistic medicine, lifestyle and nutrition. Thousands of products are sold world-wide.

The Team 


A team makes this proud Kiwi company run like clock-work with our writers, dispatch, research and development, consultants and our 0800 order team. We all work together to brain storm and provide the best service we can and we’re proud of our efforts. Over the years we’ve enjoyed hearing our customers feedback on how well they feel and what they need. Getting a thank you or acknowledgment is a wonderful bonus. 

What we’ve enjoyed the most is connecting with our customers and making what they need and want happen. That, and sitting down for a naturopathically prepared lunch. Some of us meat pie lovers have totally switched onto healthy foods and we’re feeling better for it.

Send us a card from time to time. Let us know how you’re going. We love photos of you to, so we know what you look like. They go on our lunch board. Here’s a secret you may not know already. Often Lani helps us with the phones and can pick up your call as well. Give us a call and say hi.

All Natural Medicine

Nutritional Supplements And Accessible, Sustainable Health …

About Lani Lopez

Founder of
BHSc, Adv. Dip Nat, Fertility Specialist

Founder of
I’m a proud Kiwi naturopath and researcher who’s passionate about natural health and attaining the vital life force that underpins a life well lived. As a qualified naturopath and health scientist, I am lucky enough to spend time researching the latest findings on resveratrol and other herbs from around the world. 

Now it’s 2020. has flourished and is an international business. I have a new website, a team of great people, I’m designing new products and learning new technology and social media communication. I’ve healed, grown, become older and wiser and I’m in the mood to flourish, create, collaborate and have fun with what I’m doing. 

I work closely with my customers and know many by name. I’m lucky to get to have had cups of tea and chats with them and I’m available on the phone (during work hours of course) as well. In fact, many people still get a surprise when I pick up the phone and there have been numerous calls that end with a feeling we’re good friends. During those phone calls I may recommend other brands of products, naturopaths or health professionals to see and send out much needed information to my customers for free. I believe health should be accessible and sustainable.

I hope I can inspire others to be healthy no matter what level of health they are at. We all deserve to live well, from our first breath to our last. I draw on my Maori lineage every day using this whakatauki (proverb) written by my whanau, Dr Maharaia Winiata, New Zealand’s foremost Maori scholar, possibly the most outstanding of contemporary Maori leaders. 

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“When our lives and heart are attuned to good things, life is clear, the spirit flows freely. Everything is possible.”

Homeopathy Treatment

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What do you need? A natural health consult? Want to talk about your life?

To make an appointment to see qualified Auckland naturopath, Lani Lopez, please call (09) 378 8334. 

Lani also offers workshops, speaking engagements, a qualified opinion, columnist writing, TV presenting or guest health expert fulfilment. 


Homeopathy Treatment

Lani Lopez, NZ’s favourite Naturopath & Holistic Health Supplements

 I have been involved in the natural health industry for over 30 years. In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s always been my calling. I’ve always known holistic health and wellness was always going to be my vocation. You could say it’s in my genes.

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Lani’s Proud to be Kiwi, Her Background and Whakapapa ….

A lot of people think I must be Spanish or Mexican (I wish), with my exotic last name. Actually, my last name would be Stark from Doug Stark (he’s Scottish), who was my grandmother’s first husband. She was a spark in my life. I had the chance to really get to know her in my 30s. My family and whanau have been hugely influential in my life. Thomas Kendall was one of the first English missionaries to come to New Zealand. From my paternal side he was very involved with the northern Maori NZ tribes.   My beloved grandmother Patricia Lyons (sadly now passed) married Johnny Lopez, a 5th generation Kiwi from Portuguese descent. Hence the name Lopez that is also reflected in my product Pez-Rez. Pez from Lopez and Rez from the main ingredient in it called resveratrol. 

Growing up, I was surrounded by spirituality and herbal medicine. On my mother’s side, my great grandfather was Te Haare Piahana, chief and tohunga in Tauranga (Ngati Ranginui), and married to my great grandmother Pekerangi Hemaima Kohu in 1904. Rongoa Maori are NZ herbs and practices, something that I take a keen interest in. My mother’s father from Guang-Dong, China, my grandfather used Chinese herbs. As a young child I used to watch transfixed as he mixed poultices for his aches and bruises that he got into his late 90’s. Doon Lun Wong (Tappa) immigrated from China to New Zealand in the early 1900s and fell in love with my Grandmother Sylvia after meeting in a grocer shop in Auckland City. They settled with their 9 children in Northcote, Auckland. They were both strong willed and loving and I have a lot of wonderful aunties, uncles, cousins and whanau sprinkled in NZ and around the world. 

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Holistic Health & Wellbeing

Living and Learning Good Health ….

From the age of 15 I travelled with my father and he encouraged me to learn Indonesian herbs, or the art of Jamu. It was a blessing to be able to apprentice at my father’s clinics in Northcote and Oriental Market, Auckland. 

At the same time I studied Jamu Obat Asli, Indonesian herbs, specialised in massage and body work. At the age of 18 after a severe asthma attack I truly believed in the herbs after mixing up the herbal formula for asthma. I felt like oxygen tanks were strapped to my back and I could breathe.

I started studying at the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine and graduated as a fully fledged naturopath to add to my Indonesian herbs and Medical herbalism knowledge. My two step-children, Jessica and James and their father Steve made life full and loving. 2006 we added Sienna to our family.

Steve, Jessica and James are still part of my family although now we’ve all moved on to have our own lives. I must say Sienna keeps me young, that’s part of my secret. 

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Health Supplement Company 

I graduated from the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine. I’m still so attached to SPCNM as Alumni, I was key speaker for the new graduates of 2018. I have very close friends and colleagues that I’m so grateful to have in my life today. International founder of the Bastyr University Joseph Pizzorno and wife, researcher Lara Pizzorno are some of the fabulous people I’ve become friends with and we get to reach out to each other on holistic health matters even though they live across the other side of the world.   

I was a board member for Natural Health Practitioners for New Zealand and worked hard changing NZ natural health policies and was part of founding The Clinical Nutrition Association. As a board member for Natural Health Practitioners for New Zealand, we worked hard changing NZ natural health policies and was a co-founder of  The Clinical Nutrition Association in NZ. 

Natural Health Guide ….

With more learning to be done, I also completed my Bachelor of Health Science degree from Charles Sturt University in Complementary Medicine, graduated from The Icehouse School of business, penned books, two of them best sellers. “Natural Health A New Zealand A-Z guide’, published by Bateman and, co-authored the book, “In The Pink: a guide to breasts, cancer and living well’, (Bateman) with my dear friend Jenna Moore. Next I’ll be  studying Bioscience and Enterprise (postgrad) at Auckland University 2020. There’s always more knowledge to be learnt and it’s important to stay up-to-date.

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Homeopathy Treatment

Holistic Health Adviser ….

I’ve written articles for newspapers, magazines and had a lot of fun in the Radio and TV world presenting health related TV shows; Even my pets a porker, advising on health matters on Newstalk ZB, Radio Live, Coast, Good Morning TV, The Cafe and How’s Life, collaborating with Mika co-presenting Matika, and being a model and covergirl on a few magazines, including NEXT. It is a lot of fun, I’ve met many interesting people and I love being able to reach out to others to talk health. 


Our Team and More

Jenna Moore

Jenna Moore

Beauty & Wellness Coach, Editor, Author, and Founder of

Growing up I had a passion for all things beauty. If there was a book available on skincare, hairstyles or makeup you’d find me devouring it. On the other hand, I spent a great deal of time in hospitals as my sister had Cystic Fibrosis disease. I think it was this combination that led to my all-consuming interest in beauty and wellbeing.

My twenties saw me heading to Sydney to study all things beauty and I worked hands on for several years. I returned to New Zealand for a time to study computing and accounting before heading to the UK. After ‘falling’ into magazines on a trip home I began a publishing career, which enabled me to explore, and expand my knowledge of, all of my interests including beauty, holistic wellness and people.

When it comes to wellness, most people have a story to tell whether that be specific health conditions or a skin problem. Most things to do with physiology relate back to wellness.

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I could listen to Lani for hours. I love her passion, her knowledge of holistic practices and her qualities as a person. And, like her, I can’t get enough of learning about vitality, and holistic wellness and passing on that knowledge to help others.

It’s a joy to help her out with some words at I know the passion that drives Lani and what a wonderful community this is.

Over the past 18+ years I’ve written for various titles. I was the beauty and wellbeing editor of Next magazine for eight years, and I pioneered their annual breast cancer report. I also did two stints as New Idea’s beauty editor. These days I run I’m a qualified health coach.

As the health and beauty editor of FOOD magazine, and I write beauty and wellbeing for Verve. Over the years I’ve taken home a couple of industry awards, co-authored the book: In The Pink: a guide to breasts, cancer and living well (Bateman) with Lani and co-founded Pink magazine.




Our Dispatch Guy

Known as the ‘good guy’, you may have spoken to Jazz if you wanted to ask any questions about your parcels whereabouts. 

He’s known for going above his duty; he is really committed to giving you great dispatch service. 

He’s also a perfectionist, so we have to keep everything spick and span, even our own desks. 

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 Always here to take your order 24/7 hours. Give us a call. We can take your order, or your inquiry for Lani. We want to look after you with the best service we can offer.

Don’t take our word for it. See what all of our wonderful customers have to say.

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