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We hope you find some of the articles below helpful on your path to holistic health and wellness.

The New Summer Hummus

The New Summer Hummus

Borlotti Bean Hummus with mild paprika topping and fresh vegetables Sick of chickpeas but love low fat healthy dips? After using the hair test 500 (an allergy sensitivity test using your hair), we discovered chickpeas where on the sensitive allergy list creating too...

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Covid lockdowns

It's Lani. With us Kiwis now at Alert Level 3, we hope you’re taking care and staying safe in your bubble at home and bless all you essential workers for keeping us safe. We’re following all public health measures to keep our customers, team, and community safe. Covid...

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You Are A Natural Beauty

You Are A Natural Beauty

With or without make up believe me, you are a natural beauty.  Consider the miracle it takes to make a beautiful human being. From the Egyptian era thousands of years ago to now, make-up has been used for centuries to...

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Breathe In The Flow

Breathe In The Flow

Sometimes life seems is easy and other times it’s just hard. How can we get in the zone and make life smooth? Yoga exercise is good for you and can keep you in the flow. Revered Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, “If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will...

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Weight gain?

Weight gain?

Why was it easier to keep weight off when we were younger - especially around the middle? It could all be down to thyroid health and hormones, rather than genes? Don't care about the details? Scroll down to the end for the essential 9 steps. Want to know everything?...

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Natural Health

“When our lives and heart are attuned to good things, life is clear, the spirit flows freely. Everything is possible.”

The main aim of naturopathy is to encourage people to natural health and to empower them with knowledge. The naturopathic ideal is to try to understand and treat the cause, not simply treat the signs and symptoms.

As naturopaths we use many different therapies as part of our natural health treatment, including herbal remedies, nutritional supplements and advice.

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