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OLE-Up™ 180 capsules, up to 6 months worth. Subscriptions not applicable

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Daily immune support
Immunity, fortification, rejuvenation
2 bottles of 90 capsules each (180 total).
Up to 6mnths supply

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Combats stress and supports vigorous immune response year-round for daily wellness.

Active ingredients include:

Olive Leaf Extract (OLE) provides Oleuropein, the phytochemical that makes olive leaves taste bitter and a natural weapon against nasty microbes. Building your defences against fungi, bacteria and viruses, Oleuropein’s actions support wellbeing and immunity.
Taken daily Oleuropein also supports heart health, energy, normal blood pressure and healthy cholesterol.

Acai Berry, Brazil’s famed superfood, rich in antioxidants2, 3 when you really need them, especially in times of aging,4 life stress and immune challenge.5 OLE-Up™ delivers a potent and market-leading 24,000mg of Acai extract in every capsule.

Schisandra, nature’s anti-stress soothant. Ever worked so hard that when you went on holiday you got sick? That’s because stress suppresses immunity. Schisandra supports endurance and combats stress, nervous tension and anxiety thereby supporting immunity and brings balance.

Turmeric’s antioxidants (Curcumins) protect your liver, support circulation, joint comfort and mobility and digestion.7 Turmeric is also an exceptional anti-inflammatory6, 9 and herbal co-factor enhancing8, 9, 10 the actions of other nutrients and herbs11, 12, 13 making OLE-UP™ the perfectly balanced formula.


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