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When I visit a house I like to go straight to the kitchen and have a snoop. Like a CSI agent I assess what foods they might eat, delicious meals that could be cooked and what evils may be lurking.  


Highly-processed oils made from soy, sunflower and canola are so cheap and have made them a staple in the kitchen. Used for frying foods until they’re deliciously crispy, caramalised or as an alternative to butter, seed oils have never been so popular. 


Cheaper sources of seed oils have kept margarines on the shelf but as our generations’ keep using these oils and less unrefined cold pressed oils, we’ve made ourselves unknowingly sick.

Now-days people can contain as much as 30 percent of polyunsaturated fat in their body but a healthy person should have about 2 percent of polyunsaturated fat in their body fat; on average. The cause, is due to seed oils. They contain polyunsaturated fat and Omega 6 but higher-than-normal levels of polyunsaturated fats can lead to body inflammation, which in turn can contribute to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.



Heart health and cancer


Omega 3 supplements are full of fish or krill oil the body needs to reduce inflammation and keep the heart healthy. But when the body’s ratio of omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids is unbalanced, that’s when problems occur.In general most people get too much omega-6 in their diet compared to omega 3.  Seed oils also contain a higher number of trans fats, which have a direct link to heart disease and fat storage around the middle of our bodies, increasing the risk of fat interfering with those precious organs because that type of fat can release more inflammation due the hormones and chemicals it can produce.  



Our favourite summer BBQ’s 


Barbecue season has its own downsides and although I love a good barbecue the smoked flavour or charcoal on foods is carcinogenic. Cancer causing. Abundant trans fat from processed foods, alcohol and saturated fats can stop the body converting omega 3 from plant oils but if you use fish and krill oil supplements daily to counteract the bad stuff you want to make sure they don’t have any mercury or nasty chemical PCBs in them.


If you’re loading your BBQ plate with a bit of burnt sausages, delicious smoked fish, charcoal grilled steak or slightly burnt vegan sausages or patties and drowning it all down with a lovely cold beer or glass of wine the next day, balance it out with some sushi or steamed fish and a ton of green leafy vegetables smothered in a dressing made from flax or cold pressed hemp oil.

Canned fish or smoked (farmed) salmon isn’t great either. Show a little moderation here, I’m not a total kill joy.



Smoking foods for the foodie  


How many of you reach for smoked salmon, a slab of tuna cooked to perfection or tinned fish thinking oh yes that’s good for me? Uh uh, think again. Steer away from tuna that can be full of mercury that can lead to brain and nerve wasting diseases and eat the smaller wild oily fish. A top secret not many know of.



A food secret even New Zealanders’ don’t know


In New Zealand there’s a wonderful fish that’s good for sashimi where you can eat unadulterated omega 3. Its shiny green skin hides the abundant omega 3 within it. The delicious mackerel. Trust me it’s a delicacy in Japan and used for fish bait in New Zealand because it has a strong taste of omega 3 oils in it.Omega 3 oils are so good for the pain of arthritis, inflammation of the lungs so top up if you have emphysema or asthma and can even make you brainy given that our brain is over 60% of these good fats.



Get healthy, use these & lose belly fat


Reach for less-refined alternatives like butter, avocado, olive or peanut oil when cooking. These oils can take the heat. Shallow fry as opposed to deep frying foods. Eat less takeaways because if the food is fried  they’ll be using the cheaper seed oils. Make your own rich smoothies or salad dressings with flax oil, cold pressed olive, walnut, avocado and commercial health hemp oil that has a balanced ratio of omega, 3, 6 and 9. Added bonus, they help reduce excess fat around your waistline.